Como se tornar uma empresa icônica

Este é o resultado de uma pesquisa global com mais de 550 executivos de alto nível, realizada pelo MIT Technology Review, que analisa as pressões que levam à adoção de determinados processos de experiência do cliente, e as ferramentas e estratégias que utlizam para superar esses desafios e melhorar o customer engagement de forma contínua.

FICO® Optimization Solutions Streamline Customer Acquisition for Telecom Company

In a highly competitive and dynamic industry, the success of telecom organizations depends on balancing new applications with profitability, customer satisfaction, and (ultimately) keeping good customers from going to the competition. Ultimately, this leading telecom provider needed an optimization tool that could help them drive profitability without increasing acquisition expense. FICO® Xpress Optimization Suite generates

Strategic Originations Decisions Key to Telecom Success

In saturated, contested telecom markets, credit origination has become a strategically important capability in acquiring and retaining the right mix of customers. Being quick and adept at making enormously complex decisions — involving product bundle eligibility and pricing, deposits, credit limits, device financing rates and terms — has far-reaching effects beyond market share and current

FICO Customers Drive Growth Through Automation

Banks and credit unions of all sizes struggle with similar issues when it comes to reliance on outmoded processes. Under pressure to grow in today’s competitive market, many are evaluating systems and processes with an eye toward building in efficiencies and improving the customer experience. The conclusion many have reached is that manual origination workflows